Steam now allows local multiplayer games to be played with friends over the internet

Steam has introduced a new feature called Remote Play Together. It allows you to play local multiplayer games over the internet. The feature is currently in beta. It allows up to four players to connect, “or even more in ideal conditions” according to Valve and participate in a local multiplayer game as though they were all sitting in the same room.

To use the feature you will need to join the Steam Client Beta. After signing up, in your Steam friends list you will see an option for “Remote Play Together” on any local multiplayer games. Once connected, the game acts like each controller is directly plugged into your computer and Valve says it’s also possible to share keyboard and mouse control.

As an added bonus, Remote Play Together only requires the host to own the game being streamed. This could be a cheap way for friends to try out new games, even those with online multiplayer options.

The technology is cross platform also, the game could be running on a Windows 10 machine while your friends are on Mac or Linux.

The main drawback is that network latency could give the host an advantage in competitive games, such as fighting games. Valve said it shouldn’t be an issue if everyone has a good connection.

Valve also said that “thousands” of games should support Remote Play Together beginning today, and that developers can opt in or out of the feature at any time. If you are ready to start using the new feature, you can sign up and follow the instructions here.

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