Riot declares war on Blizzard, releases 7 new games

League just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary, and with that Riot Games announced a bunch of new projects and games coming soon!

Over the past year Blizzard has gone from one controversy to another. The blunders started with Blizzcon 2018 where the community was hoping for a new big game or possibly a new entry into the Diablo franchise. What players received instead was the announcement of a re-skinned mobile game now being called “Diablo Immortal”. The audience boo’d at Blizzard and their response was to ask “Don’t you guys have phones?” This line is now almost as famous as the “You think you do but you don’t” with regards to Blizzard assuring players they did not want WoW Classic.

After this, Blizzard killed an entire esports scene by cancelling plans for a Heroes of the Storm Global Championship season. Overnight an entire community of casters and professional players were out of jobs. Two months later Blizzard announced “record results in 2018” as well as the lay off of 800 people.

This leads up to the current Hong Kong controversy. Blizzard banned and took away the prize money for a player who came out in support of the Hong Kong protests.

On the heels of this giant’s miss steps we finally get to Riot’s timely announcement.

Riot announced 7 new games, along with an animated series and a Netflix documentary about the origins of the game.

Arcane is an animated series about the origins of two iconic League champions

Legends of Runeterra will be a competitive card game that takes place in the League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics Mobile will be the same Teamfight Tactics you can enjoy today on your computer

Wild Rift will be League of Legends Mobile

Project A is going to be a Tactical Shooter set in a near future earth, similar to Overwatch.

Project F appears to be a multiplayer dungeon (MMO/RPG) crawler set in the League of Legends world.

Project L is a fighting game also set in the League of Legends world.

An Esports teambuilder called “Esports Manager”

and lastly a mysterious new board game

I hope you enjoyed this look into Riot’s new projects, thanks for following along!

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