Hong Kong Protests Hit BlizzCon over recent Controversy

Update: here is a livestream of the protests outside of Blizzcon hosted by Gamers for Freedom.

This year’s BlizzCon has kicked off with an interesting start to say the least. Over 30 protesters have gathered outside the convention to show their support for Hong Kong. These protests are in response to Blizzard’s recent suspension of Hearthstone pro Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai.

(Image credit: Tyler Wilde)

Protesters, some wearing Pooh bear costumes hold up signs reading, “Free Hong Kong”, “You cannot kill hope” and “People over profit.”

This early protest was facilitated by a group calling themselves, “Freedom Hong Kong.” Multiple additional protests are scheduled, one by a group called “Fight for the Future” and another by the “Protest Blizzcon” subreddit.

(Image Credit: Tyler Wilde)

Blizzcon it’s self seems to be going smoothly. Blizzard opened with the announcement of Diablo 4, which was a big fan favorite. They have also announced Overwatch 2, allowing players such as Seagull to stream it on Twitch.

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