Diablo Immortal classes zones revealed in new gameplay trailer

Blizzcon this year was mainly centered around Diablo 4. This didn’t stop Blizzard from releasing new information regarding Diablo Immortal though. Blizzard posted updates today detailing the game’s story, classes and in what ways the gameplay will differ from traditional Diablo games.

Blizzcon Gameplay Trailer

The biggest difference Blizzard stated was that Diablo Immortal hits it’s stride when played in traditional MMO-Style. Blizzard said that the game, “will thrive with multiplayer features including persistent shared zones, four-player instanced dungeons, full Guild support and social systems, and so much more.”

The six classes that have been revealed so far are the Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Crusader, Demon Hunter and the Necromancer.

Blizzard says that it plans to have  “continued support and regular content updates” for Diablo Immortal after launch, including new zones, dungeons, stories, bosses, and character classes. It also acknowledged that fans are concerned about the presence (and possible prevalence) of microtransactions in the game, but said that “we’re taking the time to get it right.”

Here is some in game footage released by Blizzard.

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