Diablo 4 Officially announced! Release date, Trailer, classes and more!

Thanks to the plethora of rumors circling about Diablo 4, Blizzard was met with a very disappointed fan base when it announced Diablo Immortal last year. This year was a very different story!

During the opening ceremonies Blizzard announced the next installment of their wildly popular action-RPG Diablo 4 was officially underway!

(Image Credit: Blizzard)

The game was revealed via a lengthy cinematic, showing off a darker tone similar to the earlier Diablo games. Blizzard said the basic story was:

Diablo IV takes place many years after the events of Diablo III, after millions have been slaughtered by the actions of the High Heavens and Burning Hells alike. In the vacuum of power, a legendary name resurfaces.

Announcement Cinematic

Here is some quick game play footage which will help give you a look into the games darker roots.

Gameplay footage

Blizzard said the following about the technology and darker world in Diablo 4:

Diablo IV is being developed using modern technology that pushes the franchise to dark, new depths. This technology is at the heart of everything players will see, hear, and feel — delivering much higher fidelity and a more engrossing experience. It opens up countless possibilities for the Diablo series, from smooth character animations, such as the Druid’s fluid shapeshifting, to the seamless, vast overworld players will travel across in search of the next loot-filled underground dungeon. Ultimately, Diablo IV will ground players in a grittier and deadlier world.



The following Classes have been announced:

Barbarian – Melee character, can carry and switch between up to 4 various weapon types.

Sourceress – Inspired by her Diablo 2 version which used elemental attacks to vanquish her enemies.

Druid – A shapeshifter that can switch between werebear, werewolf and human form.


Diablo 4 will take place in a shared world, this means you and your party can run into other groups of players in real time. The game world will be a “contiguous, seamless landmass” including deserts, forests and frozen wildlands. Mounts will also be an option for your party to ride as you traverse the vast world.

Rumored Diablo 4 world map
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