Blizzard denies banning Hearthstone viewers on Twitch for pro-Hong Kong messages

The rumor floating around is that Blizzard is banning users who say anything pro-Hong Kong in Twitch chat.

Blizzard recently faced a lot of criticism following it’s action suspending Hong Kong based Hearthstone player Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai after he announced his support for Hong Kong during a live tournament interview.

According to This article on Polygon, Blizzard issued the following statement:

We are not banning people from Twitch chat for specifically using pro Hong Kong speech or any other political statements. Bans are being levied by an automated moderating system that’s triggered by viewers spamming any phrase repeatedly. We expect to have the issue corrected in the next few hours.


Blizzard claims that Twitch viewers are getting banned, just for the usual chat spam, not for posting their views regarding Hong Kong.

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