After Trump Tweets ‘Bringing Soldiers Home,’ Pentagon Chief Confirms US Forces Leaving Syria are headed for Iraq

Sunday President Donald Trump tweeted that he was “bringing soldiers home” from Syria as Turkey continues deadly military operations there. Pentagon chief Mark Esper undercut the president’s statement by confirming that U.S. forces are simply moving to Iraq from Syria.

U.S. troops ” aren’t coming home and the United States isn’t leaving the turbulent Middle East, according to current plans outlined by U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper before he arrived in Afghanistan on Sunday,” the associated press said. “The fight in Syria against [ISIS], once spearheaded by American allied Syrian Kurds who have been cast aside by Trump, will be undertaken by U.S. forces, possibly from neighboring Iraq. “

Reuters said early Monday it spotted “more than 100 vehicles” crossing the border into Iraq from northeastern Syria.

in this report they said “Reuters video images showed armored vehicles carrying U.S. troops through the Sahela border crossing into Iraq’s northern province of Dohuk,”

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